Expressive Photography

The main intent of my art is to express various moods and emotions that are sometimes hidden from the naked eye. Through the visual arts, I work to uncover underlying voices in order to portray alternative perceptions of life without limits.

My work is about exposing the beauty of raging desires, unleashing your inner self, and for those who like it the morbid and obscure way, also daring to drown in deep dark waters.

I invite you to take a deeper look under the surface. Through my images, I study the unconscious creatures of the collective human existence - pulsating, seductive and also shocking.

All images in my galleries show selected models, who have given me permission to be published on my website. The majority of my clients wish to remain private, and this is, of course, strictly respected.

Band Photography / Music Videos / Artwork

Being a musician myself, I have first hand experience with concept creation, music/merch formating, video creation and promotional/live photography (mainly focussed within the metal genre). I offer band shootings, CD artwork, music video creation and also retouchings (e.g. if you need to restyle pics for Facebook or your website).

In addition, I am also bookable for event / live photography.

I do not choose my clients based on their popularity and will engage with any artistic idea that inspires me. Interested bands and projects please contact me via the form in the contact section.

The Woman Behind the Art

I am a lover of dark arts, spanning from visual arts, film, music and literature.

I create art that is rooted in life, with either positive or negative influences. All my work is inspired by bare emotions and the depths of human existence. I am forever excessive, perfervid, dirty-minded and stay always hungry for more.

I express my inner self through the visual art of SELFPHOTOGRAPHY. On the one hand often very dark and even malevolent, but on the other hand it can also be alluring and sensual. It's always a matter of how I want to express myself.

In addition, I work as MODEL. Being in front of the camera of other photographers will always be a part of my self-expression. So if you are interested to work with me as a Model, I am looking forward to read your message. Please respect that I don't do full nude shootings.

For more informations see my infos and send me your inquiry via the contact form.

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